Programs & Classes

Self Defense
Traditional Weapons

Benefits & Outcomes

Improved Health

Exercising 3-4 days a week has been shown to improve health.


Martial arts boosts self confidence due to learning new skills, achieving goals, as well as developing stronger self awareness.


Martial arts provides benefits of community by group encouragement, social support, and a sense of belonging.


Martial arts not only teaches you how to defend yourself but will also improve your situational awareness which is the bedrock of self defense.


New Friends & Mentors

We are dedicated to the success of every student and helping them achieve their goals, and developing an attitude around seeking self-improvement.

Discipline & Self Control

As you continue to train and learn new techniques, you'll gain a sense of focus and discipline that will help you achieve bigger things in all aspects of life.

Health & Fitness

The camaraderie you build here increases the desire to come to class. Each class is a new and engaging experience that helps build a foundation for good fitness habits.

Individualized Training

Martial arts is about challenging yourself and achieving your goals. The experiences martial arts can provide are endless. Whether you are looking for fitness or self-defense or are looking to scratch that competitive itch, we are here to support and guide you.

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