Get To Know Us

Elite Legacy Martial Arts is Palmetto's premier school focusing on quality martial arts for the whole family! We aim to bring three unique disciplines to our community: traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga. Our unique approach separating traditional, sport, and practical self-defense methods and techniques helps us provide our students with three unique learning experiences and build character development that gives our students the tools to be successful in life both physically and mentally. Combining that with our personal touch and genuine passion for our students' goals distinguishes us from your local gym or after-school activity. So, whether you join us as a beginner or with experience, we welcome you into your martial arts journey! - Veteran owned and operated

Meet Our Instructors

Kyoshi Robyn

Head Instructor

Kyoshi Robyn is a Marine Corps Veteran and has been studying martial arts for over 22 years. With experience in many different styles, she holds a 1st-degree black belt in Krav Maga and a 7th-degree in Okinawan Goju Ryu. Kyoshi Robyn holds world and national titles in NASKA, ISKA, WAKO, and WKC for traditional forms, point sparring, and continuous sparring. She fought in Italy and received a Gold medal on Team USA. However, her passion for martial arts goes much further than competing. Sensei Robyn's true devotion is sharing her love for martial arts with her students and helping them accomplish the goals they set forth the moment they walk into the studio.

Renshi Adam


Specializing in Sport Karate and Kickboxing Techniques - Sensei Adam is a Marine Corps Veteran and has been studying martial arts for 20 years. Sensei Adam has experience in boxing, Glory rules kickboxing, and is currently studying Muay Thai. He holds his 4th degree in Okinawan Gojo Ryu. Sensei Adam has competed in WAKO, WKA, ISKA, and NASKA competitions. Recently, he has competed in the WKA U.S. Nationals. Sensei Adam’s passion for martial arts is in the life lessons that it taught him. Which is resiliency, humility, and kindness. It is Sensei Adam’s goal to share what he’s learned and to bring out the best in all of his students.

Renshi Pam


Specializing in Curriculum - Renshi Pam began training in martial arts in 2000, taking classes in Tang So Do and Kickboxing. When the school she attended closed, she had no choice but to continue in another style. She found a love for Goju Ryu, an Okinawan Karate style. After many years of continued training, she attained her 5th degree. She also has taken classes in Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. Sword Seminars with Highlander star Adrian Paul has created an interest in pursuing more formal training with Hanshi Arturo Espina. Renshi Pam has also been a world-level competitor on the NASKA circuit holding multiple World Titles from 2013 - 2015 in Fighting, Weapons, and Teams. She was recently awarded the World Champion Fight title from NASKA for 2022. She has also been a member of several national traveling teams, such as Legacy, UTMA, and Executive Edge. When she is not participating in martial arts, she teaches at a local high school and is a certified K-12 Florida Educator.

Sensei Melissa


Specializing in Bo Staff - Sensei Melissa started her martial arts journey twenty years ago in Tae Kwon Do. After moving to the Manatee County area, she sought out a new place to train and found Sensei Robyn, who taught Goju Ryu. There Melissa achieved her 3rd Degree. Additionally, she has trained in Shotokan, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Sword seminars with Highlander star Adrian Paul have led to further training with Hanshi Arturo Espina. Sensei Melissa also has a competitive side, earning a gold and bronze medal at the Silver Cup in Miami, placing 1st in Creative Weapons at the Gator Nationals, and winning 1st place in traditional and 2nd place in creative weapons at the US Open. When she is not practicing martial arts, she can be found teaching Cartooning and Illustration at a local high school and is a certified K-12 Florida Educator.